I Took it Personal

Not me…… my artwork!

Remembering the old Day 2No this isn’t going to be some long rant about how I was insulted or disrespected.  That was just a cheap way to get your attention.  This is going to focus on how my artwork has been transformed into personalized art.  It was about 10 years ago that i first began developing artwork that could be personalized.  Through my many customers, I learned that most had businesses, farms, cabins, lake houses, etc.  This provided a great opportunity to have those names prominently featured on artwork that they could display in the home, office, or elsewhere.   The challenge for me was to make that name and/or logo be a part of the artwork not simply a gross overlay of text and image that distracts from it.

Fortunately, old trucks fit the bill.  Why?

Pecks Antler Carvings Jeff Peck

  1. Memories.  As a subject, old trucks have broad appeal and most of us can remember Grandad’s old truck or may have owned one ourselves.
  2. I love old trucks!  I especially like vintage Chevy Trucks from the 40’s and 50’s.  This makes researching and painting them quite enjoyable.Remembering the old Days - truck door closeup
  3. Truck doors make great places to add personalizing such as logos and names.  I strategically place the truck in a position where the door is visible and at an angle suitable to drop text and logos.
  4. Wildlife scenes can easily incorporate an old truck.  Whether it be in a barnyard, field, woods, or a country lane, trucks look great in these settings and I am able to add wildlife easily and natural.

While truck paintings are perfect for personalizing my artwork, they aren’t the only ones.  I have other paintings where the barn or a sign post is able to be personalized.  If you have other ideas for how you would like to see personalizing, let me know by leaving a comment.

Thanks for tuning in!

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5 Comments on “I Took it Personal

  1. Wonderful, dear Tony! Best Fortune to You, each and every one of your dear ones, and the growth of you new endeavor!

    • Thanks for the kind words Leslie. I hope you enjoy following along. Tony