The Anthony J. Padgett artist blog begins!

Tony at book signing zoomed inFor many, art is very personal.  As an artist, I too want to have a personal connection to the subject matter I’m painting.  My frequent trips to the field observing and photographing structures, lighting, wildlife, and landscapes give me the encounters in nature that will potentially show up in a future painting.  When I am behind my brush, I recall the different elements in the scene as I experienced them in the field.  I remember the sounds, temperature, smells, and the mood of the day.  I try to capture these experiences in a painting that will connect with others.  I am often asked what inspired the piece, where it was, when it was, etc.  As the conversation continues, a definite connection is made between the artist, the viewer, and the artwork itself.  Unfortunately, time and distance are obstacles making it difficult to speak with many of you in person and it is for this reason that I need to find other ways to communicate.  My first published book “An Artist’s Journey with Wildlife Artist Anthony J. Padgett” co-authored with my good friend and fishing buddy Larry Richardson was a good first step in bringing my story to you.  This coffee table style book shares my journey into wildlife art and features a large gallery section with over a hundred of my paintings.  I realize however that publishing a book to share with you is not enough, so I have a plan…..

Anthony J Padgett

……a blog!

Through it I am going to share more stories, experiences, art releases, and updates on my artwork to you.  I will also try and include a special offer to each of you in every blog entry.  As my blog develops, please share it with your friends, family, and others who you think may enjoy following along.  There are convenient social media share buttons at the top and bottom of the page to make sharing my blog a snap.

Stay Tuned!  It should be a fun journey for all of us.

Anthony J. Padgett

This blog’s special offer

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17 Comments on “The Anthony J. Padgett artist blog begins!

  1. Great idea Anthony. Looking forward to future posts.

  2. Very exciting Tony! We will enjoy following along:)

  3. Great way to share your art talent. Good commentary. Looking forward to the next edition.

  4. Tony, missed seeing you at the Madison All Canada Show. Hope all is well. Glad you started the blog.

  5. Great to see! Being a long-time student is an honor and I look forward to following you on your blog. All the best in your new endeavors.

  6. Wonderful to see this new way of sharing your talent!

  7. Awesome blog! Looking forward to future topics and a glimpse into your artistic mind!

    • Thanks for including your fans, and providing more insight into this new effort. We are all interested.

  8. Another exciting venture for Anthony Padgett. I look forward to the Journey!

  9. I presented an EAGLE w FLAG to a priest who recently made his 4th degree with the
    KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS. It was purchased at the ALL CANADA SHOW in ST. CHARLES.
    I had it framed and signed by all the council members on the back It went over great.

    • Great Lou. Keep following along.

  10. Tony, looks good! I like it great way to share “more than just art”!

  11. Thanks for including us in your Blog messages. Looking forward to what is to come. Also, we are enjoying our last purchases from you while you were at the All Canada Show in Illinois.

    • Great to hear. Keep following along.

  12. Bought many wildlife drawings from you when you were in Mascoutah, Illinois. Where our you living these days?

  13. Love it! This way I can hear about your adventures and it almost makes up for our conversations from way back when you used to get your framing material from Nickell!