An “Original” Thought!

"My Summer Place" 20"x30" - $4500

“My Summer Place”

Original Thoughts.  Me?

Maybe its just another cheap way to get your attention I’ll admit, but I have to do something to keep you engaged.  In this blog I want to discuss my original acrylic paintings.  To start off, the one question I get asked a lot is “How Long Did It Take to Paint That?”

German Shorthair $2500

“German Shorthair”

My paintings take weeks, if not months to complete!

As I have shared in earlier posts, painting for me is a process.  From field research to original design concept to completion can be a difficult, lengthy, task.  In fact, I still have some paintings that are incomplete and have been for some years.  Its not that I abandoned the painting or didn’t like it, it’s just that sometimes artists can get stuck just like novelists suffering from writer’s block.  The goal is for inspiration to take hold once again to complete the piece.  It is because of this investment of time, thought, and toil that original paintings command a high price.  For the serious collector and fan of my artwork however it can have many benefits.  Below are a few.

    1. Collecting artwork is enjoyable.  Many of us may have collections of one thing or another, but artwork collections are meant to be displayed and enjoyed by the collector and their family and friends.  The artwork can adorn homes and offices.  In addition, the artwork collection can be of a particular artist, style, or subject.  Its entirely up to the collector.
"Reflections" 24"x30" - $5000


    1. Collectors usually feel a close connection to both the artwork and the artist.  It is rare that I sell an original painting without having multiple conversations with the buyer.  I share with them the inspiration behind the painting, and the details behind its completion.  In cases where the painting was commissioned, it get to know the customer even more and understand their passion for my artwork and the subject to be painted such as a beloved pet.  This shared experience between artist and collector is quite rewarding and I have many friendships as a result.
    2. You can appreciate art and art can appreciate.  Like any investment, value appreciation is no guarantee.  However, I’ve been fortunate in my 30+ years as an artist to see some of my artwork appreciate sometimes 2-5 times their original value.  As I always relay to my collectors, a painting is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.  That could mean more or even less than the original purchase price.
    3. Original paintings often become family heirlooms.  This is especially true when paintings are purchased when a family takes root.  Children may grow up with a piece of artwork and have a strong connection to it.  As they get older it may be passed on to them to enjoy with their own family household.
    4. You tell me.   Above are just a few reasons collecting original artwork is beneficial.  If you have other reasons you like to collect, please share by posting acomment to this post.

Have fun with the following survey!

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What is different about my painting now?

Over the past year, I’ve restructured my business so that I could concentrate on what I do best…..  PAINT!  I am really seeing the benefit of those changes.  In the

"Western Storm" 16"x29" - $2500

“Western Storm”

coming year I plan to become more engaged in entering competitions such as duck stamp competitions among others.  My productivity has increased and I now have more time to concentrate on different landscapes and subjects.  One immediate benefit is that I have a greater inventory of original paintings for sale.  You can see many of these pieces scattered throughout this blog and if you have a genuine interest in purchasing an original painting visit the  >>Originals for Sale Page<<  and contact us.

Finally, if you own an original Anthony J. Padgett painting, I want to hear from you.  Over the last 30 years, I have sold many originals and as time wears on, faces, names, and paintings begin to blur.  I want to reconnect with owners and collectors of my artwork.  Please email me by visiting my >>Contact Us Page<< and include the following.

  • What original paintings you own
  • When and where it was purchased

If you don’t remember the name of the painting, just take a snapshot of it and email to [email protected]


That’s all for now.  Thanks for tuning in!


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  1. The art works are breath taking. Like bringing the outdoors indoor. You can see the passion he has towards each painting.